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July 25, 2010

Cut to the heart

Two street mailboxes I pass by each time I walk this street to our townshop or to the railway station. Two poor abandoned, deprived, neglected and untended for mailboxes - the pitiful sight of which have truly cut my heart. Sorry, but I am not posting this to disparage the owners. I could not even imagine how I managed to sneak in taking a photo of these poor fellas without me getting caught and being reprimanded by. I have longed to take a photo of these street mailboxes. It was only on this weekend that I finally had the courage to do so. The houses were looking the same as if they were uninhabited anyway. Looking at the waste of the place is what has been troubling me knowing that there are many out there who live and sleep on the street just because they have nowhere to live. Oh what a wasted blessing. Why can't everyone be blessed? My heart is bleeding to see something that is being taken for granted. (Must I mind my own business? But that is not my point.)

In Contrast, here's my Weekend Mail Participation

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This is hosted by Gemma from Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Lovely place to be.

This is our town Post Office housed within Seven Hills Centro, a pretty convenient shopping center about 10 minutes walking distance from where I live. I purportedly took these photos for Post Crossing's 5th Anniversary.

I was supposed to have a picture of myself posting postcards but I was shy for there were too many people queuing for the service and there was no one I could bother. Instead I asked the Postal Lady if I could take a photo of her with a view to blog for my Postcrossing contribution and sweetly she conceded. Outside, I struggled taking a photo while dropping the postcards in a huge Red Mail Box securely installed outside the Post Office.

So from Postcrossing forum, I thought I will also extend my blog posting here for my Weekend Mail hosted by Gemma of Greyscale Territory. Please come along and join the fun. Just click the link below the Weekend Mail Logo.