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August 12, 2010

Postcrossing Private Swap from Amber of Lithuania

These three separate postcards are actually a Panorama as shown on the info at the bottom.

Received from From Gintare "Amber" via Postcrossing

Panorama from the Defensive Wall of Gediminas Castle.2006.Lithuania

11 August 2010

US - 772589 :Whitewater Falls, Near state line between S.C. and N.C.

Postcrossing sent by Carol Beth

Scene of the upper falls in North Carolina when combined with the lower falls (400 feet in South Carolina) form the highest cascade in the eastern United States. These upper falls are easily reached in Oconee Country, SC.

Postcrossing: HR-13804

My Very first Postcard from Croatia. Thank You dear kind Elizabeth. This is truly awesome!

August 1, 2010

My English Connection

"Some friends play at friendship but a true friend sticks closer than one's nearest kin."~ Proverbs 18:24

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Memories I cannot part with: pile of letters spread across the bed to show to my friend, Carol, in Oxford UK that I do treasure her love and affection, thoughtfulness and generosity, kindness and gratuities by keeping all letters, cards, parcels, postcards, and photos sent over the years. In the advent of computer cyberspace activity, that communication transcended down to electronic mail which makes it a lot easier and quicker but missing the thrill of receiving a slow "snail pace mail" by the post.

Then the baby came, my first grandchild. We conveyed to her the excitement of the family in the arrival of our new addition - and like she did to us in the past, that Motherly Love too is extended to the baby. This is the first parcel she sent for the baby displayed below.

Carol, by the way, is my former boss. She never fades, she never changed. I have a problem ... I don't know how I am able to repay all her greatness she is to us in all these years. At times I feel guilty. How I wish I can do something for her. In wishful thinking, if only ... if only ... how my heart is wanting to send her a plane ticket to come down and see Australia ... all expenses paid for by me.

I pray someone from above can hear my mind thinking out loud. Giving back to Carol what she deserves best in life is one of my ultimate dreams.



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