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December 14, 2011

CN - 488463 Girl with Balloons

From Shanghai, China sent by Xiaoyi

Greetings from Shanghai, China says Xiaoyi. What a thoughtful gesture for her to consider the arrival of my grandchild who is now One year old and 8 months old. Thanks also for your compliments Xiaoyi. And the Chinese name you sent for me but I find it hard to write the characters. ^_^.

I would love to send you a postcard from Australia if you let me know your postal address. Thank you so much! Love your postcard!

September 25, 2011

DE - 1034356 Summer in Germany

GenieBe den Tag!

Montylein or Thomas is showing us a lovely White Daisy blooming in their Summer field of Germany. He and wife Elke are enjoying the sun while sitting in their home balcony.

PL-174151 Friends in a Basket

Sent by Patttt of Poland

Ahhh, now this postcard speaks volume. A beautiful Patrycja lives in a small village of Poland with cutsie doggie and a kitty. They must surely give her so much delight for a company living in their lovely house by the woods. What a pleasant imagining that would make me to live among the nature like her. Thanks so much Pattt for this much appreciated postcard! I do have a kitty too, sweet and adorable; meek and mild and gentle too. All the best to you!

September 15, 2011

TW - 365172 A Place for Cat Lovers

Sent by Wang Shin-Yi

Houtong, where Wang Shin-Yi has recently visited is a village near Taipei. This place is popular to those who like and love cats, according to Shin-Yi. Everywhere there is a cat and everyone must have one!
Received today 15 September 2011.

US - 1291592 The Ironworkers' Noontime Replica

Sent by Harper12 of Michigan

Thomas Pllock Anshutz (1851-1912)
The Ironworkers' Noontime, 1880
Oil on canvas
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Gift of Mr and Mrs John D Rockefeller 3rd)
A poem shared by Harper12 with me.
"There is nothing held so dear
as love if only it be hard to win.
The rose in yonder hedge appears to outdo
our garden buds that bloom within.
But since the hand
may pluck them everyday unmarked
they bud, bloom, drop and drift away."

She is also engaged to be married. Hooray!

Sent 5 September 2011
Received 15 September 2011

August 25, 2011

US - 1265849: Camille Pissaro's Artwork

Sent by Mary Jones
of Brooklyn USA

The Girl in a Field with Turkeys, 1885
The Brooklyn Museum - Gift of Edwin C Vogel

Mary lives outside of Boston. She loves reading, a vocal jazz fan, and postcard collector. She loves all kinds of postcards, historic, art, books, monuments, city, quirky, unusual etc. She also fancies a special unusual dog postcard and would love to have it.

August 20, 2011

NL - 374131 from Netherland

Sent by Kristel

Fresian Cows

RU - 514656 Pavlovsk in Winter

Sent in by Tatiana

Pavlovsk, where Nilma lives, is a suburb of St Petersburg, Russia.

August 19, 2011

BY - 222765 from Belarus

Sent by Tacciana from Belarus

A rose vine from Germany

Tacciana is not only beautiful but sensible as well, kind and considerate. She said:

"Your poem convinced me to choose this card for you."

August 9, 2011

BE-107143: Brugge in Belgium

Sent by Souleyan or Rita
14 July - 9 August 2011

The town Gateways

Rita writes:
This postcard shows you different gates of fortresses in Belgium (Middle Ages), kept in very good condition situated in the most beautiful town Brugge.

Thanks Rita!

August 8, 2011

TW - 345305: Spectacular Sunset View of Taipei City

Sent by Yen-An Shen (perilla)of Taiwan,

The postcard says Night View but Yen-An Shen has better suggestion. So I give it a title Spectacular Sunset View of Taipei City.

Yen-An writes:

I'm a student majoring in Horticulture living in Taipei, Taiwan. In the city where she lives, she feels that the night there is lightened by the people so that they could not see the dark sky. Her hometown is a cute country of Nan-tou. She misses the dark sky with many stars.

Thank you Yen-An.

If you want to receive a postcard from me, kindly message me your postal address via Postcrossing. I would love to send you one.

HK - 35269: Bronze Ox

Sent by Hokling of Hong Kong

In Chinese legend, Bronze Ox symbolizes the purpose of controlling flood.

About Luk or hokling:

She is an 18-year-old girl studying high school.

Her hobbies include: reading Japanese manga(comics) and watching animation that enforced her interest in Japanese culture such as food, novels and comics. Also Internet, reading, shopping among the many. Delicious food and drinks always make her happy!

She dreams to travel all over the world. Her recent adventures were Taipei, Beijing and Sabah.

August 4, 2011

Soumi Finland: FI-1147792

From ihana_nalle or Little Tina

Thank you dear little Tina. You make me very happy today!

Tina describes herself according to her profile:

I am 10 years old girl who like Hello Kitty and I collect everything fun (stickers, stamps, cards, and so on) Postcrossing with my mothers help. She said this could be a fun way to learn English.

My hobbies is piano.

I like to build different kinds of projects which I designed myself. I´ve already made a pirateship, kiosk, apartment building, dollhouse etc. I use materials which I find at home.

If you can and want please send me postcards.
- Easter
- Piano
- Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears
- High School Musical
- Manga
- Swimming Pool
- Chair
- Fountain,waterfall
- Hello Kitty, Moomin, Barbapapa
- Hamtaro, Strawberry Shortcake
- Bamse, Donald Duck & others disney
and other Children's book illustrations
- 3d cards
- Olympic mascot

- Teddybears,dolls (pictures, not drawn)
- Shoes
- Country and state flags
- Space, stars, planets etc.
- Pyramid
- Pictures of royal kings and queens and their families
- Babies, children
- Heart
- elephant
- All cute and beautiful

I like when a postcard tells me something about you.
Thank you for your cards!

Note: I am posting it here Tina, so I will remember what you like without going to the hassle of digging you at Postcrossing. It is easier to remember for a little old lady like me.

Smile! Who knows what you might find in your mailbox.

July 19, 2011

PL- 237659: The beautiful Gdansk of Poland!

Sent by Anna

"In water one sees one's own face." ~French Proverb

My second postcard from the beautiful Gdansk, Poland. Anna is studying Biology and loves Australian Fauna and Flora, Kangaroo, Koala, Tasmanian Devils, Wombats amongst the many... She thinks they are AMAZING!!!

If you read this Anna, maybe you should send me your mailing address and I'll send you one of your wishes. Just let me know which one you prefer the most!

RU-468732: Golden Yellow Lilium

Sent by Dasha

Dasha has written a very lovely note saying that she lives in a small town of Uhta which is on the north of Russia. She also sent her love and wished me happiness and that I am getting different postcards from all over the world.

That is rather very sweet of you Dasha! Thank you very much. Will send you a nice postcard from Australia. My token of friendship to say Thank You for your kindness.

May 11, 2011

RU-390776: Art Painting from Russia

From Marina in the Far East of Russia

Marina lives in the far east of Russia. Traveling, photography, music and foreign cultures are among of her interests. She loves to share happy postcards and collects unusual and beautiful stamps.

Marina says:

"Look at my favourites and you understand what kind of postcard I like! I'm happy to receive your card!"

FR-147346 - Chateaubriant of France

From Aline of Northwest France

Left: Top - Le Theatre De Verre
Bottom - La Maison De L'ange

Right: Le Chateau (Aile Renaissance XVI's)

April 15, 2011

DE - 882311: Grüße von Stefan von Deutschland

Postcrossing from Germany

Danke Stefan für die uns zu den vielen Orten Ihrer Nähe. Schöne Landschaft, Häuser und Gebäude.

CN - 356977 Chinese Greetings from Yu

Postcrossing from China

Hong Village, Yixian County

Yu shares their traditional buildings with watery reflections. She also has other interests like handmade rubber stamp. Thank you very much Yu.

TW-283886: Sun Moon Lake over in Taiwan

Postcrossing from Irma

Irma recommends that the Sun Moon Lake is well worth a visit at any season to enjoy the tranquility of the mountain and lake.

Sweet serenity of the sky reflections and clouds.

Thank you Irma. Am glad you saved me from trouble as my scanner is not working at the moment. ^-^.

RU - 366070 Artwork by Vittore Carpacio

Postcrossing from Katerina of Russia.

A work of Art by Vittore Carpacio (1465-1526) at Musee Jacquemart - Andre, Paris
The Embassy of Hippolyte, queen of the Amazons with Theseus, Duke of Athens.

Wish you a Happy Holiday to France Katerina! And thank you for this lovely postcard and the gorgeous stamps I still have to scan!

March 30, 2011

Brown Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines

Postcrossing Private Swap with Arlene

From Greenhills to Brown Chocolate Hills such as a tribute of this famous "chocolate kisses."
The Chocolate Hills is a rolling terrain of haycock hills – mounds of general shape which are conical and almost symmetrical. Estimated to be at least 1,268 individual mounds to about 1,776, these cone-shaped or dome-shaped hills are actually made of grass-covered limestone. The domes vary in sizes from 30 to 50 metres (98 to 160 ft) high with the largest being 120 metres (390 ft) in height. Bohol's "main attraction," these unique mound-shaped hills are scattered by the hundreds throughout the towns of Carmen, Batuan and Sagbayan in Bohol.

During the dry season, the grass-covered hills dry up and turn chocolate brown. This transforms the area into seemingly endless rows of "chocolate kisses". The branded confection is the inspiration behind the name, Chocolate Hills.

Source: Wikipedia
 The Original Chocolate Hills on Regular Season sent by my Sister Precy.

AT - 73003:Sellamat in the Toggenburg, Switzerland

Postcrossing from Nicole of Linz, Austria

A view of white mountaintops in Switzerland in deep winter season. Nicole is a confessed holiday-maker who loves to travel and cinema and other interesting things to do. Thanks Nicole. A thank you postcard from me is on the way.

Postdam: Postcrossing Direct Swap

From Ronny of Germany

Potsdam is the capitol and largest city in the state of Brandenburg, Germany

US - 1044176: A Taste of American Turkey

Postcrossing from the USA

There is something about American handwriting that is appealing to me. I hope this zanylady doesn't mind me displaying hers. As you can see, she happened to be in Turkey to share her love of the place she recently has visited. Hence, I give this blog a title A Taste of American Turkey.

PT - 165742: Silves of Algarve, Portugal

Postcrossing and my very first from Portugal. Sent by Manuel.

We call this bread "Ramona" in my home country.

I always love to see different handwritings of people. It shows off their character.

The deep green foliage of orange trees in fertile valleys. The blue sea and the fast paced life of an international seaside resort. The picturesque charm of houses surrounded buy almond and carob trees. The broad sweep of hills that are a haven for ramblers and nature lovers.

Source: Internet

GB - 208748 - Puss without Boots

Postcrossing from Chrissy of Great Britain.

Chrissy noted that I got kitten favourited at Postcrossing, so she thought of sending me one for myself. Thank you dear kind Chrissy for these lovable kitties. As you can see I have cats in my life and now only one is left with me.

Down below is the Mother Cat of all. My girls named her Halle. She's no longer with us. I had to give her away when I went overseas as there's no one who could look after her and I could not afford to put her in a Cattery. She is surely missed. My heart broke and I wept when she's gone.

 Queen Halle, the Matriarch

I wish Mick for a speedy recovery. I had been to the hospital twice for a heart problem. Thankfully, I was exonerated. So am out of the medication.

If you happen to read this blog Chrissy, kindly send me your postal address and I would love to send you a token of love and thanks from down under. God willing, I might see England one day, possibly next year. Now, that's what we call "Positive Thinking". All the best to you Chrissy and your hubby, Mick.

March 29, 2011

US -757000: Postcard from Chicago USA

Postcrossing sent by Ricky

This is Chicago's Wacker Drive: "The Children's Fountain".

I was trying to google a story about this interesting fountain and I was taken to the blog of ArchitectureChicago Plus by Lynn Becker. Here's the LINK to read more.

UA - 63525 My First from Ukraine

Happy Postcrossing from Verdelit

Perhaps, Verdelit noted how much I love quotations. It is apparent to what she wrote at the back of this love birds postcard.
And none will hear the postman's knock
Without quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten.

~WH Auden~

Thank you Verdelit. A token of thanks was sent to you today and hope you will like the postcard from Sydney.