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February 21, 2011

DE - 836118: A Long Winter in Northern Hemisphere

Postcrossing from Germany.

A cold, snowy long winter

Sent by blume76 or Sandra who lives in Saarbruecken Germany, a small town close to French border.
22 February 2011

February 20, 2011

Postcards Private Swap from Jacek of Poland

Five very interesting historical postcards from Poland!

Jacek greetings started by introducing his small sleepy town of Tuchola where he and his family live. According to Jacek as chronicled in their town history nearly a thousand years ago, this place was surrounded by forests and lakes. (Reminds me of those old kingdoms built and covered with gigantic trees in the middle of the woods and around them were moats to keep their enemies at bay).

Gdansk - a city with a soul. I don't know what Jacek does for a living that made him say "Gdansk is the "only city in Poland where I could perform without a doubt." This old town remains unchanged since The Middle Ages, he said. This postcard shows a Townhall and the Artus Court and The Statue of Neptune.

Torun - Arius Court. Jacek wrote to say that even a very old and well-preserved city like Gdansk and a few others have their rights separated from the rest of the kingdom.

The Baltic Sea - a small cold sea in hot weather with enjoyable, wonderful and colorful sunsets that reward all its drawbacks.

The main camp gate with the inscription "Arbeit macht frei" (Work will set you free). This is the concentration camp with the history of Poland; tragic but one unforgettable lesson.

A Myrtle Beach Private Swap with Toni Difort

Toni Difort lives in South Carolina.

February 19, 2011

US - 994402 : Western Meadowlark from Kansas

A Postcrosser Bird

WESTERN MEADOWLARK, Sturnella neglecta (Sedgwick County). The western meadowlark is our Kansas state bird. Perched on a fence post, the bird is easily seen with its bright yellow breast. Its camouflaged back however, will conceal the bird while it sits on its nest hidden in tall grass. The western meadowlark feeds on a variety of spider's and seeds.

Sent by Amanda aka mandasix lives in Manhattan, Kansas. She's a 23 years old fresh Civil Engineering graduate, who like me, also lives with her most adored cat.

February 17, 2011

US - 818441 Postcrossing from Georgia, USA

Georgia in beautiful Autumn time where leaves turned into Red and Orange, Mallory said in the card.

Reflections in the late afternoon delight the visitor with double vision.

Sent by Mallory dated 03 September 2010

Hongkong by Night: A Private Swap with Tracy

Another beautiful postcrossing private swap postcard appeared in my mailbox today. It came from Tracy of HongKong showing the view of the city by night over Victoria Harbour.

The stamps are that of a rabbit, on the First Day of Issue depicting the Year of the Rabbit with her personal wishes of wonderful life this year onward for me.

The birds are that of the White Bellied Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) and Scarlet Minivet (Pericrocotus flammeus).

She also tells of a mosaic city view decorated at the Post Office wall all made from used stamps. Isn't that marvellous? I hope Tracy will take time to take a photo of it and show it to us. Maybe Tracy would like to create her own blogspace to which she can post all her interesting postcrossing items for us. Right Tracy?

Thank you Tracy for making my day happy! Your birthday comes two days after mine. ^_^

February 16, 2011

Postcrossing Private Swap with Yi Qiu

The Seven Sisters, Seaford

From a 16 year old girl who is studying Science and only find time to happily exchange postcard with anyone when she is free from her studies. She lives in the" sunniest place" of England. Eastbourne according to her is worth paying a visit. I do so agree!

Thanks Yi! And I hope you too have received my postcard.

February 13, 2011

North Carolina the Tar Heel State via Private Swap

Known as the "Tar Heel State" - North Carolina offers beautiful landscapes including the Great Smoky Mountains, Blue Ridge Parkway and Outer Banks. With a fascinating history as well as grand beaches, North Carolina covers over 52,700 square miles and is the second widest state in the United States.

Sent in by Toni of South Carolina.

Windmill over Tulips Field of the The Netherlands from Kathryn

Private Swap from Amsterdam

Sent by Kathryn from Holland via Posctcrossing

SE-20573:Postcrossing from Stockholm, Sweden

Gamla means Old Town

Sent by Anette and received 1 November 2010

February 11, 2011

FI - 1008316: Postcrossing from Finland

Four Seasons

Sent from Helsinki, Finland

Note: It pays to read fine lines. So ooopppps!!!

DE - 822965: Postcrossing from Germany

Bad Durkheim

A beautiful town located south-west of Germany, Bad Durkheim has a population of 20,000. The region is second largest wine region in Germany. The big barrel you see in this postcard is the landmark of this town. Inside is a restaurant with no wine, according to Birgit. Thanks Birgit.

Sent by Birgit aka Bobbyluga

February 9, 2011

Private Swap from Maltepe, Istanbul, Turkey

with Cuneyt Ozarikan

Top: Left to Right: Sunset in Istanbul; Cappadocia; Antalya
Bottom: Left to Right: Oludeniz - Fethiye; Odeion, Ephesus; Pamukkale - Denizli

Sent by Cuneyt Ozarikan aka Cucuk74

PL - 163956 Postcrossing Postcard from Poland

Castle and Hercules' Club

Sent by Emilia aka Spellbound of Poland.

BY-135694 Postcrossing Postcard

From Belarus: Minsk. Naberezhnaya street
Suburb Troitskoe.

Sent by Tanya aka ffuture.

February 8, 2011

RU-316150 Postcrossing Postcard from Kate

Love the classic grandeur of the magnificent building.

Kate has supplied interesting information of this postcard per comment at Postcrossing.
Left photo "The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood" (also called the Church on Spilt Blood and the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ), and also "chimera", "cherubim" and "artist cold".
It`s a collection of different views of St.Petersburg placed in order of alphabet, one letter - one postcard.
Sent by Kate aka sazonchik
Received 7 February 2011

February 5, 2011

US-952240: Josef Hoffmann's Basket vase c 1905

Postcrossing from the USA

c. 1905

According to Neuegalerie website, this is called Josef Hoffmann Flower Basket designed by Josef Hoffmann in 1905 handcrafted in sterling silver with Bohemian glass insert.

Sent by Michelle aka Shelleh of Santa Barbara, California
Received 8 January 2011

US-961965: US Coins Headphone

Postcrossing from the USA

American Music Arts by Serge Bloch

Sent by Jessica aka culturalcatgirl of Seattle, Washington.
Received 4 February 2011

February 4, 2011

US-865329: Mississippi Beautiful Sunset

Postcrossing from the USA

Handmade by Colleen

US-880143: Jacob B Julian House

Postcrossing from the USA.

Jacob B Julian House, Centerville, Indiana Historic downtown Centerville house - a two acre tract selected for its sylvan beauty, was completed 1857 as the home of Jacob B Julian, lawyer. Now the home of Carl and Inezetta Stiver; open on tour on National Road Day, other days by appointment.

Sent by Gloria