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February 20, 2011

Postcards Private Swap from Jacek of Poland

Five very interesting historical postcards from Poland!

Jacek greetings started by introducing his small sleepy town of Tuchola where he and his family live. According to Jacek as chronicled in their town history nearly a thousand years ago, this place was surrounded by forests and lakes. (Reminds me of those old kingdoms built and covered with gigantic trees in the middle of the woods and around them were moats to keep their enemies at bay).

Gdansk - a city with a soul. I don't know what Jacek does for a living that made him say "Gdansk is the "only city in Poland where I could perform without a doubt." This old town remains unchanged since The Middle Ages, he said. This postcard shows a Townhall and the Artus Court and The Statue of Neptune.

Torun - Arius Court. Jacek wrote to say that even a very old and well-preserved city like Gdansk and a few others have their rights separated from the rest of the kingdom.

The Baltic Sea - a small cold sea in hot weather with enjoyable, wonderful and colorful sunsets that reward all its drawbacks.

The main camp gate with the inscription "Arbeit macht frei" (Work will set you free). This is the concentration camp with the history of Poland; tragic but one unforgettable lesson.