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March 30, 2011

GB - 208748 - Puss without Boots

Postcrossing from Chrissy of Great Britain.

Chrissy noted that I got kitten favourited at Postcrossing, so she thought of sending me one for myself. Thank you dear kind Chrissy for these lovable kitties. As you can see I have cats in my life and now only one is left with me.

Down below is the Mother Cat of all. My girls named her Halle. She's no longer with us. I had to give her away when I went overseas as there's no one who could look after her and I could not afford to put her in a Cattery. She is surely missed. My heart broke and I wept when she's gone.

 Queen Halle, the Matriarch

I wish Mick for a speedy recovery. I had been to the hospital twice for a heart problem. Thankfully, I was exonerated. So am out of the medication.

If you happen to read this blog Chrissy, kindly send me your postal address and I would love to send you a token of love and thanks from down under. God willing, I might see England one day, possibly next year. Now, that's what we call "Positive Thinking". All the best to you Chrissy and your hubby, Mick.