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April 15, 2011

DE - 882311: Grüße von Stefan von Deutschland

Postcrossing from Germany

Danke Stefan für die uns zu den vielen Orten Ihrer Nähe. Schöne Landschaft, Häuser und Gebäude.

CN - 356977 Chinese Greetings from Yu

Postcrossing from China

Hong Village, Yixian County

Yu shares their traditional buildings with watery reflections. She also has other interests like handmade rubber stamp. Thank you very much Yu.

TW-283886: Sun Moon Lake over in Taiwan

Postcrossing from Irma

Irma recommends that the Sun Moon Lake is well worth a visit at any season to enjoy the tranquility of the mountain and lake.

Sweet serenity of the sky reflections and clouds.

Thank you Irma. Am glad you saved me from trouble as my scanner is not working at the moment. ^-^.

RU - 366070 Artwork by Vittore Carpacio

Postcrossing from Katerina of Russia.

A work of Art by Vittore Carpacio (1465-1526) at Musee Jacquemart - Andre, Paris
The Embassy of Hippolyte, queen of the Amazons with Theseus, Duke of Athens.

Wish you a Happy Holiday to France Katerina! And thank you for this lovely postcard and the gorgeous stamps I still have to scan!