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September 15, 2011

US - 1291592 The Ironworkers' Noontime Replica

Sent by Harper12 of Michigan

Thomas Pllock Anshutz (1851-1912)
The Ironworkers' Noontime, 1880
Oil on canvas
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Gift of Mr and Mrs John D Rockefeller 3rd)
A poem shared by Harper12 with me.
"There is nothing held so dear
as love if only it be hard to win.
The rose in yonder hedge appears to outdo
our garden buds that bloom within.
But since the hand
may pluck them everyday unmarked
they bud, bloom, drop and drift away."

She is also engaged to be married. Hooray!

Sent 5 September 2011
Received 15 September 2011