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January 31, 2012

PL - 333901 Bydgoszcz is in Poland

Sent by Ola

A beautiful city where Ola lives. Thanks Ola!

GB - 291931 The Heart of Robin Hood

Sent by Chas of Belper, Derbyshire, UK

Yes, Chas, this postcard is interesting because it brings both good and bad memory of my English Literature Class in my high school days, particularly in my Fourth Year. At that time, I could not grasp any of my understanding of the languid and absurdity of old English and I was always in trouble with my English teacher. She pestered us to paraphrase William Shakespeare's works and none of my work passed her standard. Nevertheless, I passed! haha.

My girls love Shakespeare and it was them who made me appreciate his works. At least, the modern editions allow us now to understand English English language much better than it was many years before.

Thank you for pre-loading this for me as I have no scanner. However, a lady from Finland taught me how to do it by taking a picture of the postcard in lieu of the scanner. It works!

FI - 1311929 Reindeers

Sent by Marjatta of  Turbu, Finland

Reindeers are creatures of the open fells.

These reindeers live in a place called Lapland in Finland. Such a beauty of the snowland where these equally branching horns creatures freely roam.

CN - 511616 The Tomb of Confucius

Sent by Ran

The Tomb of Confucius is located in the northern town of Qufu, built under the Tang Dynasty of Ancient China - Ran explains.

Qufu as Wikipedia described:

Qufu is a city in southwestern Shandong province, People's Republic of China; a hometown of Confucius.

Thank you Ran, I absolutely enjoy your historic postcard!

IE - 30921 A multiview of Ireland

Sent by Claudia of Ireland.

Description: Ireland has a rich heritage and none more so than the settlements built on the banks of the River Boyne. From the great pre-Christian monument of Newgrange, the magnificenct Slane Castle, Mellafont Abbey and the Hill of Slane where Saint Patrick is reputed to have celebrated the feast of Easter.

Claudia herself is of Germanic origin living in the area for 14 years where these historic castles are found. Slane Castle according to her is oftentimes used to hold concerts. Wish to visit Ireland one day!

BY - 317390: Precious Moments Baby Card

Sent by Dasha of Belarus.

A cute girl with her two cute puppies.

And a New Year wish for good health and wealth that life can give!

Thank you Dasha!

January 18, 2012

FI - 1293567: Kuva: Sauli Koski

Sent by Marja-Liisa of  Finland

Meikalainen as Marja-Liisa is known of lives in a a small town Länsi-Turunmaa, which is situated on one of the many islands of Finland. This postcard is a scenery of the forest and a lake.

She loves reading, writing, waiting for postcards. Postcards of your city or the place where you live are fascinating but she likes all cards, she said.

RU - 675189: Winter Country

Sent by Tatiana Larionova

Tatiana lives in a winter country called Russia.

She is interested in travelling, dance, photo, handmade. And likes to communicate with new people and to learn something new and interesting.

Her preferences are views of cities, old or nice buildings and landscapes. She also would like to learn your language, yourself  and about your place.

"Kumusta ka Tatiana?" (meaning how are you Tatiana?)

January 11, 2012

U S- 1468747 : Susan Lawrence Dana House

Sent by Graham of Kansas
10 January 2012

Susan Lawrence Dana House
in pen and watercolor by Frank Lloyd Wright
(Springfield, Illinois, 1902-1904)