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February 13, 2012

NZ - 63710 Maori Haka

Sent by Hungugu (Hope's Dad)
Kia Ora!

The Maori, who had a close kinship with their environment, wove tales and legends around gods who represented certain  spheres, such as  forest, sea and war. Although these gods are not so feared today, they're still called upon and remembered through song, dance and haka.

"Hungugu" sent this postcard with a Riddle Game. In a riddle, he hid the ID number in a certain code that I could not decipher. He wrote a hint, "No Apple from New Zealand!" 

A playful hungry soul from New Zealand re-assured that the riddle for a change is not a boring game to play. Truthfully, I got a load of headache inverting the card downward to be able to spy the code. I gave up and sent him a message to better decode the ID number for me or he'll miss out! That means I can't register his postcard and therefore it will go to the Expired Postcard Bin!

He wrote back in a hurry! 

All the very best to you "hungugu". Thank you Mate!