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February 29, 2012

A Poignant Connection with Yvonne


In February 15, 2012, I sent Bobyvon a brief message:
Dear Yvonne

I have just posted a postcard to you today with the above description. It's overdue in hindsight and hope you will take delight in it.

All the best!

And that description is the Postcrossing Code just  below the title of this blog.

She promptly replied:
Hello Leah
How nice that you sent me email.
Of course I will register your card immediately!
In 2004 we were in Australia. Also in Sydney!!!!
My parents wanted to migrate to Australia in 1955. I had lived in Geelong!

Happy postcrossing
So the waiting time seemed endless as the traveling postcard took ages walking on the road. It was sent 15 February 2012 and finally received 28th February.. When time pressure is boiling, I always make a point of contacting the person I am due to send a postcard with that a postcard is on the way to avoid sending them to the Expiration Bin. For it is disappointing and frustrating on behalf of the sender if her or his efforts will amount to nothing. I know one lady from Japan whose many postcards she sent were either failed to reach their destination or the recipient could not be bothered registering her postcards, whichever is the case may be.

In the postcard below which I had carefully chosen for Yvonne having read her profile and preferences:
"I love to receive cards with a view of your home city, funny cards or cards with a very small story out of your own country .."
This is what I wrote at the back of the card:

BASTICK COTTAGE - built in 1887, was the home of two generations of the Bastick family who were the caretaker gardeners. In 1973 it was offered to local art and crafts people as a place to sell their wares and the "Park Guildry" was formed. The Guildry is open 7 days a week, 10am to 4pm.

Dear Yvonne,

From bookmarks to postcards
Photography and sweet memories
What more surprises life brings us
Far more than we might have shared
In days past - for what they spared.

That is just the poetic side of me.

Finally I heard from Bobyvon:
Hello Leah
A card from Orange (the Dutch color), how nice! From the land where my parents wanted to emigrate, when I was 4 years old
My English would have been much better than how it is now! Sorry.
In 2006 my husband and I had been in Australia for 45 days.
We visited Geelong (where I was going to live in 1955).
We made ​​a trip by car from Adelaide to Cape Tribulation
And at the end of the trip we didn't want to go home!
We were both completely enamored of Australia.
Now I see your card and we know for sure we are going again to your beautiful country.
Very many thanks for your card. This card is immediately one of my favorites
Many (Orange)Dutch greetings
What a wonderful acknowledgment anyone would love to receive! I did! I had yet a sleepless night that I went to check messages from Postcrossing. And the above late night greetings from Yvonne has cheered my spirit! Then I wrote back:
 Good morning Yvonne,

 I could not sleep and thought it will not do me harm to check messages. I am all smiles now reading your warm and friendly message. We are about the same age, in fact, am older than you by a year or two .

Geelong is one of a highly European settlements so I heard and, it is in Victoria, a state next to mine. I live in New South Wales northwest of Sydney.

Yes, anyone who comes to Australia will instantly feel in love with this gorgeous country, so unique from the rest of the world!

I am glad you like the postcard I have had chosen for you. I read profiles to see what the recipient's preferences are, so that's how I came to send one for you.

I like places with history which all of the places have anyway.

Hope you are enjoying Postcrossing. I do!

Cheers to you!

PS Yes, it's worth giving Australia another visit!
 In a little while, I got another poignant note from Yvonne that truly touched my heart. This is what she shared with me. It's something that sends the rain down from the sky. I can't help my tears falling ...on my face.

Dear Leah,

Could I just ask some of your time.
I want to share something with you

Fourteen days ago a very good friend of mine died. I searched the Internet for a beautiful poem because I wanted to recite a poem at his funeral.

I found a beautiful poem. I found this poem on the site of a fellow postcrosser.
At that time I was not focused on the site of postcrossing. But I thought it was special that I found this poem right there. I read the site of the lady who had placed the poem and looked at her picture and thought: 'thank you dear lady for this beautiful poem!'

Today I received a card from Australia, I registered the card (with a little story about the possibility that I could have lived in Australia) and suddenly I saw a very familiar face.

Ten days ago I was on your site ... I read your poem ... looked at your picture and say thank you to you picture.... Today comes your card.....
My friend would give me a sign from heaven...
I have tears in my eyes as I write this, I can't hardly believe, but it's really really true what I write here.

I am speechless
Special greetings
the Netherlands"
Suffice it to say, I replied back

Dear Yvonne,

I was teary eyed to read your recent note which you have lovingly shared with me.

Therefore I conclude that the poem you were wanting to read on your friend's funeral was the very poem I posted on my profile, is that right? To which I must convey my heartfelt sympathy on behalf of his family and you as well.

Little did I know that many have been cherished by that poem which I also had come across from the internet.
Besides collecting junk as in postcards, I also write poems from time to time. I will share you one classic example of my work:
Love Ethereal

As you ponder
of love's sweet stare

Here, I dream
beside the lonely stream

Wishing you're with me
loving me endlessly.

The water clear murmurs
in rippling motion dances

As your name sends tremors
echoing down the stream.

In the canopy of clouds
you whisper back

pouring ethereal love
in the form of tender rain.

Sometimes slow
sometimes heavy
at all times steady!

The stream in my dream
is fantasy
entwined with reality!
by Leah Dancel
28 February 2012
I pray with your permission, I am going to include your personal communication with me that led to this postcard blog you have just received from me.

Yes, I haven't answered your question about me living in Holland and which part? No, I haven't! By sheer coincidence, the Orange where that Bastick Cottage is located, is actually named after the Prince of Orange in Holland!

Apparently, one of the first who discovered Orange of New South Wales was a Hollandaise! It used to be a "Blackman's Swamp" but they changed it to "Orange". The name is quite a misnomer because Orange doesn't grow Oranges but Apples.

Anyway, more stories to follow.

I enjoy communicating with you. Hope you and your hubby are both well.

Fond regards

I have no doubt that this kind lady Postcrosser from Holland has found this poem, I posted on my profile:

Gardens of Laughter

Life is a journey through many terrains
From gardens of pleasure to deserts of pain
From an ocean of love to a jungle of hate
From mountains of glory thru canyons of fate.

There's a highway for joy and a highway for sorrow
A road for today and a road for tomorrow
So choose your path wisely and go it with care
If you follow your heart, you'll find your way there.

I've been to the garden and planted seeds there
I've been to the desert and felt the despair
I've ran through the jungle and hung from a vine.

I climbed up the mountain to touch the sky
I went thru the canyon and started to cry
I've traveled both highways, both today and tomorrow
I've basked in the joy and wallowed in sorrow.

My path has been chosen and I've gone it with care
So I'll just keep going until I find what I'm after
To mountains, oceans, jungles and gardens of laughter.

~Author Unknown~

To end my conjecture, Yvonne further confirmed with a final note, I have recently received:
 My friend died on 4 February. My husband and I were caregivers for years for him (and his wife). I was on 6-7 February on your site for the poem.
When I read your first post later that month, there was nothing I noticed. I replied to your message without paying any attention to detail. I was very busy with caring for the widow.
I only noticed the peculiarity of the situation when after I registered your card and came for the second time to your site... that I saw the poem again.
I could not believe my eyes.
Thank you Yvonne for sharing me your story. It is such compelling that I thought I would blog it this way in deference to your beautiful heart and kind thought. This I hope will add colour to the norm outside the frame to which this Over the Mile blog is what I have purposed for.