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February 19, 2012

Ancient Historical Buildings from Poland

Sent by Jacek via Private Swap

Palace of Culture and Science - the most distinctive building in Warsaw. Built in 1955 by Soviet Union. Few people now remember that it bears the name of Joseph Stalin.

Viewed from Nogat River,  this castle was build by the Teutonic Knights as the main base at the time of the conquest. Jacek explains that it takes a whole week to be able to get around this huge building to complete the touring itinerary.

WANG Temple in Karpacz
Very old, almost 1,000 years! This was moved from Southern Norway by King Friedrich WilhemIV. Jacek said, "how do I get a postcard with a winter view, it will be sent to you as a Fairy Tale!"

Jura Crakow - Czestochowa - Route Eagle's Nests.
A stronghold name of the Southern Polish Border, these are preserved ruins that stand every few kilometers apart. Great places for hiking or cycling.

Salt Mine Wieleczka Museum
The Chapel of Saint Kinga - the main altar, the bas relief The Last Supper, the statue of Pope John Paul II

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