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February 7, 2012

TW - 457106 Harmony, Sincerity and Friendliness

Sent by Angela  of  Taiwan

Ni Hao Leah, Angie greets!!!

I feel so warmed with Angie's little letter in this postcard to me that I would like to share this with my Postcrossing and Blogging Friends.

Greetings! My name is Angela. I'm 31 years old, teaching French in a sunny city of Taiwan!

After reading your profile, I sat down in my room with the ray of sunshine in warmed up the entire space. At this moment, I feel peaceful in mind. So I decided to send this card to you. There is harmony, sincerity and friendliness.



To which I responded in return:

Dear Angie,

What a lovely surprise for the extra special message you wrote in the postcard. I was smiling all the way from my mailbox to the shop and back home!

Imagine the ray of sunshine that warmed the extra space in your heart and in your soul confined in that room as you were writing to me. I am touched by the three fonts of love you mentioned: harmony, sincerity and friendliness. You sound very much that person yourself!

And so you teach French. My eldest daughter got a special award when she studied a unit of French in high school!

Thanks for the wonderful postcard! Very meaningful card with a message indeed! I wholeheartedly appreciate it.

All the best to you!