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March 31, 2012

IS - 13404 : Imagine this as My First Postcard from Iceland Ever!

Sent by Oskar Aegir of  Akuyreri, North Iceland

Thanks Oskar. My thank you postcard should be on the way.

March 26, 2012

BA - 2586: Vijecnica - Town Hall, Sarajevo

Sent by Radmilan

DE - 1288050: "Writing Letters" from Germany

Sent by Amos and Ruta

"Writing Letters", 1912 is a watercolour artwork by Carl Larsson (1853-1919)

Thank you Ruta for this artwork postcard.

FI - 1366964 A dolly from Finland

Sent by Mira70

Tanita surely does know how to share with me her Scandinavian Springtime sunshine though they still get snow with minus 4 degrees celsius on the scale! She has a nephew who has a 14 months old boy who learns to walk and say some words. Well, I have a grand-daughter who is close to two years old who is showing her athletic talent.

Tanita loves theatre, art, reading thrillers, knitting and water gym and traveling. She had been to Bali and one day, she might see Australia too! Such the beauty of postcards exchange through Postcrossing! You got to see many places without leaving your home country!

Thanks Tanita for wishing me and my family "Laughter and Joy!" I send the same back to you too from Down Under.

March 23, 2012

ZA - 17253: Nataniel, Music Personality of South Africa

Sent by Ferdi Schenck

ES - 155734: El Castell de Barcelona

From Spain

Sant Julia De Vilatorta - El Castell

JP - 233803 Common Camellia from Japan

Sent by Mikiccho

While Spring is in the air over in the Land of the Rising Sun, it's Autumn in Land Down Under! Such a disparity of season across the polar zone!

March 20, 2012

Amber Swap of Latvia

Note to Amber: If you happen to see this post Amber, please let me know if you are still in the same address as before. If you have moved, kindly forward me your new address so I can continue sending you postcards from down under!

A Glimpse of Krakow, Poland from Jacek

NSW and Sydney Postcrossing

Held at Petersham Old Town Hall, Crystal Street, the New South Wales and Sydney Postcrossing gathered together for the first time last 26th February 2012. Laurant Villoing, the Meet-up Coordinator, had neatly organized the gathering which I unfortunately missed. I arrived too late with compliments to a train schedule disruption.

The meetup was in conjunction to the New South Wales Postcard Collectors Society Inc. Postcard Fair.


Schedule of the next meeting:

FI - 1055643: Winterland from Finland

My Travelogue

My first time outside the country Australia towards the end of November 1991 prior to my operation the following year. I was given a clear go to travel with my two little children.

This postcard is Ferieninsel LINDAU im Bodense, southern part of Germany beyond Ulm. I sent this postcard to my ex-husband. Here's what I wrote:
6th January 1992
"We crossed this bridge today - walking around the beautiful island of Lindau. At the background to the left mountain is Austrian Alp and the Swiss Alp to the right.. Lindau Island stands in the border between two countries. People travel there by train running through in an underwater tunnel. There are many hotels, restaurants and fabulous tourist places to visit. The two little girls have great time walking and finally bumped into a cabbie house enjoying the slippery dip and see saw. We stopped at the Train Station to buy this card. See you at the airport on the 18th."

Compliments of China Airlines

On my homevisit to my country in 2011

March 8, 2012

NL - 1056421 Domestic Cat from Netherlands

Sent by Hetty

Renamed by me as Jasper, my favourite Tobby cat, now owned by my daughter.

Hetty lives in the Netherlands and has two grown-up children. Thanks for this cute Sleeping cat Hetty. Very adorable.

March 5, 2012

GB - 302948 Friendly "Whiskers" from the Highland

Sent by Alan of Scotland

My first from the Land of the Pipers. Thank you Alan and the Postcrossing!

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