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March 26, 2012

FI - 1366964 A dolly from Finland

Sent by Mira70

Tanita surely does know how to share with me her Scandinavian Springtime sunshine though they still get snow with minus 4 degrees celsius on the scale! She has a nephew who has a 14 months old boy who learns to walk and say some words. Well, I have a grand-daughter who is close to two years old who is showing her athletic talent.

Tanita loves theatre, art, reading thrillers, knitting and water gym and traveling. She had been to Bali and one day, she might see Australia too! Such the beauty of postcards exchange through Postcrossing! You got to see many places without leaving your home country!

Thanks Tanita for wishing me and my family "Laughter and Joy!" I send the same back to you too from Down Under.