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March 20, 2012

My Travelogue

My first time outside the country Australia towards the end of November 1991 prior to my operation the following year. I was given a clear go to travel with my two little children.

This postcard is Ferieninsel LINDAU im Bodense, southern part of Germany beyond Ulm. I sent this postcard to my ex-husband. Here's what I wrote:
6th January 1992
"We crossed this bridge today - walking around the beautiful island of Lindau. At the background to the left mountain is Austrian Alp and the Swiss Alp to the right.. Lindau Island stands in the border between two countries. People travel there by train running through in an underwater tunnel. There are many hotels, restaurants and fabulous tourist places to visit. The two little girls have great time walking and finally bumped into a cabbie house enjoying the slippery dip and see saw. We stopped at the Train Station to buy this card. See you at the airport on the 18th."

Compliments of China Airlines

On my homevisit to my country in 2011