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Family and Friends

From Raquel G Villanueva

From Nelson, New Zealand brought by my Daughter, her Hubby and their Baby

Picturesque and accessible, this national park is extremely well serviced with walking tracks,
huts and transport to and from the park. The mild climate makes this park a popular venue at any
time of the year for both walking and sea kayaking.

Nelson Province - Arguably the most beautiful in New Zealand's national parks, the Abel Tasman park is certainly the most accessible with day walks or longer treks available.

Main: The Anchorage, Torrent Bay and Pukatea Bay.
Left Inset: Mosquito Bay
Right Inset: Swingbridge at Sandfly Bay lagoon.

FIFESHIRE ROCK, NELSON, New Zealand - also known as Arrow Rock. It was upon this hump
the ill-fated migrant ship, Fifeshire, met her fate in 1842.

Top Left: Tahunanui Beach
Bottom Left: Looking Up Trafalgar Street towards Christ Church Cathedral

Top Right: Founders Park, Nelson's own Historic Village
Bottom Right: Saturday morning market

Nelson, New Zealand - with its pristine Tahunanui Beach in the foreground, is located at the top of New Zealand's South island. Nelson is known for its mild sunny climate, which has assisted its development as a major horticultural and viticultural region, as well as being a popular tourist destination.

From Maguid Maruhom during his official engagement to Indonesia in October 2011

From Cynthia Monti during her December 2011 visit to Canada

Galleon: The replica of the Santa Maria was constructed in Vancouver,
BC. The 16 pieces arrived in Edmonton where they were reassembled
in the lake of the Deep Sea Adventure.

From Grace Olsson of Sweden
Swedish Royal Family

Swedish Culture

Brazil: Museum of Modern Art

Africa: Old Dispensary (now Stone Town Cultural Centre)

From Aki Jin of Japan

From Carol of UK

Forda - a place for all seasons.

From Gary the Viking

Northern California, Wine Country
9 March 2011

Calistoga is the center of the famous Napa Valley wine region of California.
9 March 2011
(Gary Mom's home in 1921 - a year after my mother was born).

Where Gary's mother came from.
March 2011

The National Hotel has been a venerable landmark at the end of
Jackson's Main Street since 1863. It has long served as a popular
destination for lodging, refreshment and entertainment and was also
an important stage stop for the 19th century traveler. "The National"
bears the distinction as being one of the oldest buildings in this historic
God Rush town. (Sent from Sutter Creek, California 9/3/2011)

Aerial view of San Juan Islands at sunset.
The group of islands called the San Juan are located at the entrance of Puget Sound east of
Vancouver BC. Discovered and named by Spanish navigators in the eighteenth century, they
became part of the United States in 1872 after a heated boundary dispute with Great Britain.
Events of this dispute are commemorated at the San Juan Islands National Historical Park.
(27 February 2012-8 March 2012)

Private Swap with Wendy Varney

CORFOU - Pontikonisi islet
with its small Byzantine chapel.

In South Dakota, even the Tourist Information
Centers are eyecatching. These 56 foot-high concrete
lodgepoles, reminders of Indians who once roamed
the banks of the Missouri, signal travelers to swing off
I-29 and I-90 to relax and get info about the State.

Wellington, New Zealand - this inlet is the eastern arm of
Porirua Harbour, which is a popular base for a number
of boat and yacht clubs. Mana Island lies 7km
offshore and is a quarantine station,
administered by the Ministry
of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Wat Sai Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand


From Tania and Murray Webb of New Zealand

From Willa Stock
Royal Engagement: Prince William to Kate Middleton

From Lena on her Visit to her homeland Fiji

Wish you were here having fun in the sun ...

Beating the Lali (Drum)
The use of this instrument, hollowed from a hardwood log.,
was traditionally a summoning signal for village meetings, or as a
preliminary to inter-tribal battle. It can now be heard in many tourist
resorts signalling the commencement of the evening meal.

The Fiji Islands - a diver's Paradise

The traditional village of Navala

The old capital town of Levuka on the Island of Ovalau, Fiji

Suva City, the capital of Fiji Islands

Another perfect day on Beachcomber Island Resort,

Known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the World,
Natadola is located about half way between the towns of Nadi
and Sigatoka. Hotel accommodation is available on the beach,
as is transport to the towns for shopping.

The naturally generous, friendly nature of the Fijian people, is typified
in the warm smiles and welcoming "Bula", often the first word which
greets the tourists to Fiji. Reply: "Bula Vinaka"

The multi-cultural composition of Fiji enriches the children's lifestyle as
they attend mixed schools and learn one another's languages. This assists
their adaptation to adult life where each race contributes in its own special way.