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NSW Postcard Fair

26 February 2012


"Figures au bord  de la mer"
Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)
Collection Particuliere

Ewer, inlaid earthenware. 
French (Saint Porchaire); about 1540-50.
Formerly in the collection of Horace Walpole at Strawberry Hill.
Department of Art and Archaeology:
The Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh

Painting by Arthur G Hahn
View from Lobster Shack at Two Lights
Cape Elizabeth, Maine

One of the twin lights that gave this section the name of "Twin Lights."
At first only a stone marker was erected in 1811 but by 1829 two stone
lighthouse had been erected. The second light was discontinued in 1924.


My favourite! I love my Norway!

Bald Head Island Lighthouse, lovingly referred to as "Old Baldy," stands proudly on 
Smith Island guiding the traveling ships up the Cape Fear River and past the "feared"
sand bar that juts far into the ocean from the lower Cape Fear.

This historic lighthouse at Copper Harbor, Michigan,
 is located at the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula along
the rugged Lake Superior shoreline.

Calvert County, Maryland
A picturesque point jutting out into the Chesapeake Bay
in southern Calvert County.

Autumn brings a burst of color to the shoreline 
of Marblehead, Ohio. Constructed in 1821, 
this 65 foot tall lighthouse continues to guide 
ships and boats around the Marblehead Peninsula.

Cape Neddick (Nubble) Light
Built in 1879, its beacon of red light flashes every six seconds
and is visible for 13 miles. Nubble Light is considered to be one 
of the most photographed, illustrated and recognizable lighthouses 
on the east coast. It is located just 1.1 miles off route 1A in York.

Montecillo; Assateague Light; The Cascades; Wild Ponies at Chincoteague.


The Memorial contains outstanding Washington memorabilia,
including the family Bible and a clock which was stopped at the time of his death.

San Francisco City Hall
is the hub of the Civic Center - surrounded by eleven other
pretentious, Civic, State and Federal structures. The City Hall has a
dome higher than the National Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

Postmarked Mar 1966
The magic Blarney Stone with its traditional power of conferring
eloquence to those who kiss it are world famous. The castle is a
massive square keep or tower, with a battlement parapet 83 feet
above the ground. The famous Blarney Stone is set in the wall and to kiss 
it one has to lean over backwards from the parapet wlak of  the battlement.

The Louvre and its gardens

Length: 73 meters
Width: 10.50 meters
Height: 12.30 meters

(Arch of Triumph)

Foro Romano (Roman Forum)
The Roman Forum was the centre of the civic and economic life of Rome in the Republican era and kept its prominent role even in the Imperial age. The monumental complex lies between the Capitol, the Imperial Forums, the Colosseum and the Palatine. (Source: Internet)
Reflections, Eilean Donan Castle by Dornie Wester Ross
The Highlands of Scotland

 Shakespeare's Home


The unique beauty of Ireland's landscape and its rich historic, literary and artistic associations have long made it a favourite resort for tourists. Encompassing a wealth of natural beauty within its modest dimensions, Ireland boasts a landscape which is as much diverse as it is gratifying. The scenic grandeur is set off by Ireland's position. Standing in the path of both the prevailing westerly winds of the Atlantic and the warming currents of the Gulf Stream, Ireland enjoys an equable climate which gives the country its unique fresh appearance.


The earliest writings of the American Indians were those of signs
and symbols. These symbols are always apparent in their handcraft and jewelry.

From a Booklet of ALASKA

Mendelhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska is renowned
for its spectacular beauty and grandeur.

Alaskan Black Bears - A mother and her cubs
survey the beautiful scenery near Glacier Bay
in Southeastern Alaska.

Salmon Troller out of Ketchikan heads north to the 
fishing grounds that abound in Southeastern Alaska.

Sternwheeler M.S. Discovery 
cruises the Tanana and Chenarivers outside historic Fairbanks, Alaska.

Mt McKinley - This massive and mysterious 
peaks is the highest in North America - 20, 320 feet.

Totem Bight Community House 
in Totem Park outside Ketchikan, Alaska
has many interesting Indian cultural displays.

Anchorage - Alaska's largest city is perched on a bluff
between Cook Inlet and the peaks of the Chugach Range.

White Pass and Yukon Railroad 
The narrow-gauge railroad from Whitehorse takes passengers
110 miles over the "Trail of 98 to Skagway, Alaska.

Fairbanks, Alaska
"Alaskaland" in Fairbanks offers the visitor many 
insights into the colorful past of this historic gold rush city.

Massive Columbia Glacier in Prince William Sound is the 
highlight of the cruise aboard the sightseeing vessel, Glacier Queen.

Alaska's Inside Passage
is a series of protected waterways through the islands that 
fringe the west coast of British Columbia and the Alaskan Panhandle.

Skagway, Alaska - Historic gold rush boom town 
and northern terminus of the inside Passage cruise route.

Alaskan "Sourdough" demonstrates his method of panning for gold.

Fur Seals
Millions of fur seals use these isolate islands in the 
Bering Sea for their breeding grounds in the summer.

Ketchikan, Alaska
"Salmon Capital of the World" is one of the 
Ports of Call along the inside Passage cruise route.

Glacier Bay, Alaska
A cruise ship pauses alongside mammoth
Margerie Glacier in Southeastern Alaska.

Juneau, Alaska
The State Capitol and busy commercial center 
was once the site of the famed Alaska-Juneau gold mine.

Along the "Trail of 98"
Evidence of the rip-roaring days of the gold rush of 1898 is found along the 
"Trail of 98" that stretches from Skagway, Alaska to Whitehorse in the Yukon.

Land of the Midnight Sun
A lone Eskimo hunter in a kayak skirts 
a flow of icenear Point Barrow, Alaska.